In Memoriam

Pets at Peace Pet Memorials

We are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.

Léopold was a handsome boy who kept his youthful glow late into his geriatric years. He is remembered as a fierce protector and guardian of his loved ones. He was a hard worker who never missed his daily perimeter patrol. Léopold was a well-traveled companion who spent many years abroad in France or wherever his pack took him ❤️ Most of all he is remembered for his love and devotion. He will be missed dearly but remembered fondly.
You were my first baby and spry to the end. I always remember your beautiful face as it is in this picture. Staring at me, always staring at me. Unless, of course, you were retrieving. Anything from a down tree to a shred of mulch. You would jumó in a freezing river but not walk in the rain. We lived so many places and I was always safe with you. It was an honor to be your person, I will mourn and celebrate you forever. My irreplaceable girl.
Rufus came to his family at a wee 2 lbs. He had the good fortune of having 2 young children in his new family to see into adulthood. His good fortune extended to having a personal chef (abuela) prepare him Cuban cuisine as desired. Rufus often spent time at the homes of other family members as he was cherished by many. Rufus was there for everything, he was loved fiercely and will be missed dearly. Rest easy beautiful boy.
Jack was a loyal companion whom never left the side of his family. He will be missed dearly by all who had the fortune of being loved by him.

Gracie was the most loving and gentle soul. She was my husband’s first pet, and we miss her every day.

Olive found her home & companion after she was left at the animal shelter. Her new caretaker was a regular volunteer at the shelter. Olive was extremely depressed and made no action to increase her chances of adoption. Her new caretaker saw right through that and knew immediately they belonged together. Together they stayed until Olives last day. Olive is honored for the countless days of companionship, love and joy she encompass.

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