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I wish I also could give more than five stars to Dr. Leah Tibbles . Dr. Tibbles was incredible. She made are very difficult process of putting Zack to sleep so much easier. She was so professional and so empathetic to all the family needs. I recommend her highly To anyone that is facing this difficult decision with their pets.
Ileana P.

This past April 11, 2022 my pet (Reggie s 9 1/2 year old French bull dog) had to be put to sleep due to cancer. I was recommended Dr Leah Tibbals by a friend that had recently used her services. Dr. Tibbals came to our house to put Reggie to sleep, from the monument she came to our door she made such a difficult decision so much easier for all. She knelt down next to Reggie and made Him so relaxed while she spoke to him.

His last moments where so much easier on all due to her manner that we will never forget!

Thank You Dr Leah Tibbals

F A.

I do not have enough positive words to say about Dr.Tibbals and our experience with Pet At Peace! Our girl Lucy was given the dignity of passing away at home in her favorite spot with her whole family surrounding her. In the end it was hard for her to get up and walk which would have made getting her to veterinarians office extremely painful and difficult not only for her but for her two legged family. The service Dr.Tibbals offers is by far the most dignified and way to allow your furry friend to cross over the rainbow bridge.
Dr Tibbals herself is a lovely and kind, compassionate person. She put me at ease from the moment I called her. She allowed us to reschedule so that we could spend a couple more hours with Lucy. She also asked if we had young children in the home because she provides a children’s book to help them understand the loss of their beloved pet. I am forever grateful to Dr. Tibbals! I highly recommend when the time comes for anyones beloved furry companion.

Leah was very compassionate with our beloved dog and helped us through this difficult time. We will be always grateful.

Florencia M.

I meet Dr. Tibbals this week when I had the need of putting to rest Reggie (my 9 1/2-year-old French Bulldog). She arrived at my house and was so respectful and showed true caring of the difficulty we were going thru at this pain full moment. She made Reggie feel comfortable and was extremely loving and caring with him.

I have no words to thank her for what she did and the love she showed to him, in our moment of pain and suffering.

Thank You Again for the care and love you showed Reggie!

Francisco J. A.

We had a great experience with Dr. Tibbals of Pets at Peace. She made a very difficult situation as peaceful as it could have been. We were very sad to see our dog Chauncey go, but the way in which he went was ideal, thanks to Dr. Tibbals. We will be forever grateful to her.
William B.

Pets at Peace was a wonderful option for us when we put down our beloved dog Howie “Bear.” Dr. Leah explained everything thoroughly, and the process was so peaceful. We have a great vet, but Howie was a ‘sad case’ rescue that we adopted and was always so frightened going into the office. As sad as we are, we are so thankful to Leah for making it a possibility for Howie to pass on without him enduring any trauma. I can highly recommend Dr. Leah Tibbals.
Kathleen N.

At some point you’ll be faced with the difficult decision to help your furbaby pass on. We recently faced that decision with our 14 year old lab Cosmo (he’s the chocolate lab with the green hat in her pictures!), and we wanted to make sure he transitioned here at home where it would be less traumatic and more peaceful than some bright, sterile vets office. After a little research we called Dr. Leah at Pets at Peace. She promptly called us back and answered all of our questions and explained our options. She was professional, yet compassionate, and we knew we were in good hands. She happily accommodated our busy schedules and arrived on time the next day, calling ahead that she was on her way.
After spending a few minutes showing Cosmo some love and answering our last minute questions, she quietly did her work and then left us in peace to spend our last minutes alone together with our old man.

After awhile she came back in and moved him into her van. The whole process took about a half hour and Dr. Leah was in and out like a whisper. She even sent us a nice handwritten condolence card a few days later checking in on us. Honestly, it was like having a friend helping us through a difficult time, and we felt it was a labor of love for her.

And if you’re concerned about pricing, she was one of the more affordable options.
So yes, we highly recommend Dr. Leah Tibbals!

Steve D.

Dr. Leah made the extremely tough decision to put our big man Henny to rest a little easier. She was very kind and understanding when explaining the process and procedure. Henny was comfortable and loved in his own bed at home when Dr. Leah arrived. It was a sad moment for us to say goodbye, but it was time for Henny to move on to a pain free life. Henny would not be free if it wasn’t for Dr. Leah. The services provided by Dr. Leah exceeded my expectations.

Kody B.

Dr. Tibbals is such a compassionate individual. Her job is not an easy one and being new to Miami, I feel grateful to have met her. With Dr. Tibbals’ help, Ollie was humanely released from pain and suffering and he is now running around with his sister, Attie in a park on a warm day next to a pool and balls surrounding them (lovely thought). That last battle was tough but Dr. Tibbals was understanding, sensitive and empathetic throughout the process. Thank you, Dr. Leah Tibbals
Lesley S.

Dr. Leah couldn’t have been more accommodating, respectful, kind and supportive with our cherished little Tammy. Her warm and friendly demeanor made a very sad event easier and less stressful.Thank you for all you do.
Ofelia R.

Dr. Tibbals is the best in the business. I am so grateful we were able to allow Santa to pass peacefully in our own home instead of drag him around from hospital to facility. Thank you for making this difficult time as easy as it could be.

Dr. Tibbals is a gem. Not only is she compassionate and knowledgeable, she truly goes the extra mile to make every encounter memorable and pleasant. I highly recommend her services for anyone searching for in-home euthanasia.
Lori W.

Leah was an awesome support through our process. She was attentive and loving. Although sad, it was a peaceful process, and we’re glad Leah helped us through this.
Eduardo A.

Losing a pet is always difficult. Dr. Leah Tibbals is very kind and compassionate and will guide you through the difficult process. I was fortunate to read about Dr. Leah on a neighborhood app. I called her, knowing my Taylor’s time with us was coming to an end. She was helpful and kept in contact with advice and comfort. When we knew it was time, Dr. Leah came to our house. She was gentle, kind, and compassionate. Thank you so much for your help at this difficult time.
Ginny L.